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icons_to_share's Journal

Where Icon markers can showcase their work
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All Members , Moderated

Icons_to_share is a community where icon makers of all talents can come to show others their icons. it is open to anyone who wishes to share icons with the public. Im katiecloud the maintainer of icons_to_share. If anyone has any queries,worries or concerns please dont hesitate to ask me anything. my email is Angelicmiss1@aol.com please read the rules before posting and applying to join.

+ To Join, just click join community
+ No Stealing other people's icons, always ask, and credit if nessecary
+ No abusive posts
+ All Icons must be submitted under an LJ cut (up to 3 teasers are allowed)and all posts must have a subject specified, i.e Emma watson icons
+ Promote the community in whatever way possible, pimping of other communities is allowed, as long as you submit some icons to share with the pimp!! lol im mean- I know :)

grey_doves (who also made the layout) thanks

Nothing else to know right now :)